Here’s a short review of Pokedex 3D for 3DS (readers, the Mobile section includes DS and 3DS - just so you know).

Pokedex 3D is a great idea. For starters, the idea that you can walk around with a Pokedex in your pocket, which automatically downloads data in Wi-Fi locations and through StreetPass is a novel idea that can’t be discredited. Unfortunately it’s better said than done. I have walked through town - a shopping district in Cardiff - more than once, and have only ever managed to get the odd Pokémon from GAME. Also, not many people have downloaded Pokedex 3D from the eShop because it’s not exactly the coolest game in the world, and that, coupled with the not so massive sales of the 3DS, and it is not easy to StreetPass Pokémon.

Another idea in the app is that you can download Pokémon through a special ‘AR code’. These AR codes can be found almost anywhere, apparently, apart from where I live. I’ve heard of them mentioned, but have seen none. ANYWHERE. I have to cheat and get them from the internet now, Nintendo, just to fill up my quota of Pokémon. Thanks Nintendo.

OK, so those were the negatives, how about the positives? Well, it’s a brilliant game, all things considered. And it’s free! FREE! For a free app you get a hell of a lot. Firstly, there’s the Pokémon; you can collect every single Pokémon ever invented, from Bulbasaur to Genesect. Then there’s the graphics, which are great; not a straight line in sight. If something is meant to be round, then it is. (*cough*not like the DS*cough*). Also every Pokémon has an animation for when you press A, just a simple one, but it’s awesome all the same. You can pan around them too, and when you switch on the 3D it looks absolutely AMAZING. If you have a 3DS, then I suggest you download this game.