Yes, we promised a new look and here it is. This revamp took our team over one month to prepare because we like to put our visitors first. This transition has so far went very well with great feedback from both visitors and staff.  New content will be added very soon and will be displayed above this post. so stay tuned, but meanwhile you could venture over to our Forums - and in case you're wondering 'yes' they've had a makeover too.

What has changed?

1) All of the graphical elements of the site have been totally overhauled to suite our new red look.
2) We have gave you the easiest website to navigate imaginable - with state of the art navigations and easy to read text.
3) More content. More News. More Space.
4) After hard consideration we have decided to cancel the Magazine until the site is running at a decent speed (the magazine was taking up too much resources).