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[X] Cloe Window


Writer for PS3

What is there to tell you about myself? Well, I am 16 year's old and I have been gaming ever since I was 3, so I have been around in the gaming community for quite a while. I was born around the N64 and PS1 era, but I still enjoy good vintage game every once in a while. My favourite consoles have always been the PS1 and PS2! This is why I enjoy writing about the PS3 so much, since I play this system daily! My favourite game of all time will always be Tales of the Abyss on the PS2. If you have not heard of it then you must check it out! Other than gaming, I am a huge geek with many other hobbies such as Yugioh, computers, chess, writing, and art. Although video games are what I do most of the time, these hobbies still bring out my obsessive attitude every time. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, so I’m not a locked-in-the-cave kind of boy.


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